Next Community Meeting – September 19th with Guest Speaker Justin Quinones

Justin Quinones’ story of crime and drug addiction may sound like a bestselling crime story novel you’d find in your local book store or something ripped from the headlines and played out on your favorite crime TV series. But it’s not. It is his story about his addiction and his recovery. It’s his story about what started out as the use of Oxycontin, or as Justin describes it “the little pill that was my ticket to hell”, and would lead him to his first DWI at the age of 16 along with 14 other tickets that night. His resume of drug choices grew rapidly. He describes his turn to fentanyl patches that he and his friends would cut and place on their tongues as the crack down on doctors writing prescriptions was taking hold. Eventually, a friend turned him onto heroin. He describes his first use as “falling in love with the drug”. As years went by, Justin would be arrested many more times and in multiple states. He helped run a drug operation in the city and purchased a pizza shop with drug money that was used as a distribution point. He would eventually lose everything as he was arrested, released from one jail and scooped up by the next jail that had a warrant for his arrest. Unbeknownst to Justin, his girlfriend (soon to be wife) and his sister were planning an intervention; a last ditch effort to save Justin’s life and get him the help he needed. Justin still doesn’t know why he agreed to get treatment but his sister became the force he needed to help get his life on track. Justin is now in recovery and has been clean for 3 years, 5 months and 15 days at the time this intro was written.

September is National Recovery Month and Justin, a former Kinderhook resident and former student from Ichabod Crane School District, will be the guest speaker at the next Columbia Pathways To Recovery Community Meeting which will be held on Tuesday September 19th at 6PM at the Chatham High School Library. We invite you to come and hear Justin’s story in his own words as he talks about his life that would be consumed by drug use, deception and crime that would ultimately lead to an intervention to help get Justin’s life onto the path to recovery that he leads today. You will be both amazed and inspired by his story. Please join us.